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Et4d strives to deliver data-driven decision-making process through systematic design, in-depth monitoring, and performance evaluation.


Et4d provides the assessments, mapping, and facilitation needed to fully understand the system in which clientsoperate and ensure programs can have maximum impact on that system through efficient use of resources. In collaboration with our clients, we perform need assessment, develop theory of change and logframe, and define road maps and strategies to ensure that programs can positively impact the lives of their target beneficiaries


Et4d assist organizations in setting up robust measurement and evaluation framework and procedures, which are essential to determine the efficiency of their program. Et4d determines process indicators to enable actions and outcome indicators to define project success criteria. Additionally, Et4d will improve the capacity of your local team to manage your M&E system efficiently while adhering to donors’ expectations and demands.


Et4d assists organizations in carrying out external and objective program evaluations. By leveraging international development  best practice, rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods, and a utilization-focused approach, we strive to meet our clients’ needs. Our experts have experience in all of the tasks related to program evaluation: instruments design, sampling, enumerators training, data collection, data analyzing, report writing, data visualization and results dissemination.

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