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As a boutique firm, Et4d draws on an international stable of experts to customize the perfect team for a given project. In the field, Et4d’s management consultants are seasoned at headquartering, staffing, and recruiting onsite in diverse regions of the world. Because Isabelle McMahon is a native French speaker, West Africa has traditionally been a strong area of intervention. But the team can and does travel anywhere around the globe.

Isabelle McMahon
Founder and Principal

Ms. Isabelle McMahon is an international development multilingual professional with over 25 years of experience. She holds a Master in Measurement and Evaluation from American University. As an evaluation expert, she has vast experience in mixed methods design and analysis, applied research, and promoting the use of evidence-based findings for organizational learning and project improvement. Ms. McMahon has worked on programs focusing on basic education, multilingual education, education in crisis and conflict, reading, girls' education, maternal health, nutrition, farming, and school feeding. 

Michel Rousseau
Data Analyst

Professor Michel Rousseau has been a university professor since 2005. He teaches psychometrics, quantitative methods, and classroom assessment. Parallel to his work as a professor, he has also worked as a consultant on many international development projects. In those projects, he has worked on the development of assessment tests for impact evaluation as well as conducted test equating and other statistical analyses. Additionally, he is the founder of GAUSS, a consultant company in Quebec that offers services in the research and psychometrics fields. 

Karla Giuliani Sarr 
Senior Evaluation Expert

Dr. Karla Giuliano Sarr has over 10 years of experience conducting research and evaluation, technical assistance and capacity building in international education. Dr. Sarr has worked on programs focusing on basic education, youth programming, multilingual education, education in crisis and conflict, community-school relationships, reading, girls' education, training and curriculum development. Additionally, Dr. Sarr has taught at the School for International Training Graduate Institute where she continues to work as an adjunct professor. Dr. Sarr has a M.A. and Ed.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a B.S. from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. 

Alice Michelazzi
Evaluation Expert 

Ms. Alice Michelazzi has over ten years of research and M&E experience working with bilateral aid organizations as well as international firms and NGOs on monitoring and evaluation of education programs. She has extensive experience training on EGRA and EGMA assessments, having led over 20 EGRA training sessions in many countries. She is very experienced with the planning, management and monitoring of data collection processes, integrating technology where effective, as well quality assurance procedures Alice is a graduate in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Bologna, Italy.

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