Results-based M&E system: A powerful tool for international development
Et4d’s innovative technology-based evaluation and monitoring solutions and hands-on project management services lead to successful interventions in developing nations around the globe.
M&E is about the numbers… and so much more.
Our tech focus brings both precision and efficiency to your intervention at every stage of the process. We ask the right questions, find the right answers, and support you in achieving project goals. Onsite management available.
We speak your language…literally.
Et4d founder Isabelle Duston is a native French speaker who is also fluent in English and does just fine in German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. Whatever the language, she and her multilingual team build meaningful rapport that brings meaningful results for interventions in developing nations around the globe.

Evaluation Technology for Development harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver monitoring and evaluation services and project management consulting for interventions in developing nations around the world.

Our diverse team brings advanced technological and management expertise to each project. Innovation occurs naturally as we create a solution based on each client’s unique needs and objectives. Collaboration across cultures and continents helps spark new ideas and build alignment.

The result is an efficient, enlightened program of monitoring and evaluation that collects and analyzes the data you need, when you need it. Our project management consulting enhances that efficiency, with hands-on attention in the field—leaving you free to focus on implementation.

As a boutique firm, Et4d draws on an international stable of experts to customize the perfect team for a given project. In the field, Et4d’s management consultants are seasoned at headquartering, staffing, and recruiting onsite in diverse regions of the world. Because Isabelle Duston is a native French speaker, West Africa has traditionally been a strong area of intervention. But the team can and does travel anywhere around the globe.


Et4d founder Isabelle Duston holds an MBA from ESCP Europe and speaks seven languages including her native French. Isabelle worked 15 years in the private sector, building expertise in change management, process improvement, and performance management. Since 2012, she has devoted herself to introducing tech-based efficiencies to non-profits, empowering them to serve a larger number of beneficiaries and make sustainable quality improvements