We help our clients choose the most suitable solution for their technology based education project. We start by clarifying the objectives of each project, and we analyse the context and needs before we make recommendations. We want to help our clients build a successful strategy with a discovery process that delivers results.


Our recommendations may include using existing educational solutions, adapt solutions which have been implemented successfully elsewhere, or develop tailored software solutions. We want to leverage our understanding of technology and educational needs to deliver high quality, cost effective products. Because we work in developing nations, we prioritize low cost solutions, which can have a real impact at the bottom of the pyramid.


We assist our customers in the development of learning-resource or in establishing collaboration with existing educational content providers or open sourced resources. We will favor local content whenever possible because of the cultural adequacy, but because we keep cost in mind, sometimes it is more relevant to use existing free content and localize what is essential.
We seek feedback from clients and potential users at every step in the development process to drive insights and validate design approaches.


While supporting the implementation of technology based education solutions, we focus our efforts on capacity building to ensure that our clients have the resources required to expand the reach and effectiveness of their strategy and therefore improve the quality of education in their country.


Our methodology includes formal and informal assessment procedures along the design process, and a final assessment, which evaluate the efficiency and the impact of the implemented program using qualitative and quantitative approach.